We have a huge selection of eye wear available for you to choose from. At our store, we understand that eye glasses are an important way to express yourself and showcase your sense of style.


Artisans and Master Craftsmen with as many as 50 years dedicated to perfecting their crafts employ a costly and laborious combination of traditional and modern production techniques.


We slowly tumble our acetate frames in genuine, hand-cut bamboo chips of varying shapes and sizes. In addition to utilizing a renewable resource, our traditional bamboo polishing process results in a deeper, richer, higher quality finish that you’ll immediately see and feel the moment you hold a DITA frame in your hands.

Famous wearers of Dita:
Brad Pitt
Kevin Hart
David Beckham

Vera Wang

Vera Wang’s collection is a showcase of exquisite taste with a modern approach to feminine glamour and beauty.

Barton Perreirra

Dedicated to pure luxury, Barton Perreira’s approach to fashion redefines style and elegance. Former designer of Oliver Peoples.

Famous wearers of Barton Perreira:
Ian Somerhalder
Ryan Gosling
Angelina Jolie

ic! berlin

Exciting, quiet, always functional. Harmoniously balanced. These frames are crafted from one sheet of titanium with no solder points or screws. If you are looking for light weight and never have time for adjustments these are the frames for you.

Famous wearers of ic! berlin:
Alicia Keys
Vin Diesel

Ronit Furst

When art meets the eye. Each frame is hand painted by Israeli artist Ronit Furst.

Famous wearers of Ronit Furst:
Gayle King

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is among the most highly respected and successful designers today. He is formerly of the house of Gucci

Famous wearers of Tom Ford:
Pamela Anderson
Gwen Stefani
Tom Hanks

Salvatore Ferragamo

The feel is casual with a subtle flair of sophistication.

Famous wearers of Salvatore Ferragamo:
Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck


Founded in 1921, in Florence Italy, this is one of the most famous brands in the world. Style and unmistakable iconic elements that are Gucci.

These products are aimed at both male and female consumers, aged between 20 and 50, and are positioned in the premium and luxury market segment.

Famous wearers of Gucci:
James Franco
Anne Hathaway


Christian Dior changed the rules of elegance around the world with his debut collection in 1947. Today, this vision continues to be explored boldly and imaginatively.

Famous wearers of Dior:
Chiara Ferragni


Developed in France in 1957. Worn by olympic skier Jean Vuarnet. Recently re-entered the US market. Worn by Dan Draper in TV series, Mad Men.
Daniel Craig in James Bond’s Spectre and Jake Gyllenhaal in Everest.

Francis Klein

Francis Klein frames are the epitome of the word CUSTOM. Each frame is painstakingly made by hand in France. The collection can be described as beautiful, pretty, elegant, and downright sexy. Wearing a Francis Klein frame will awaken your playful spirit and transport you metaphorically to quaint café in the heart of Paris.

Zen Barcelona


The brand was born in Barcelona and the city is in its DNA. For Zen, Barcelona is a city full of contrasts in perfect balance, much like what inspires every one of our shapes and colours.


Frames hand made in France, making Parisian chic accessible worldwide.


The unique lightweight glasses from global market leader Silhouette. Aesthetics and wearer comfort at the highest level.


“For the guy who appreciates great details, without being too over-the-top.” Vintage look that is always relevant and unmistakably modern. “My philosophy is about reaching back to move forward,”


Featuring Gwen Stefani’s distinctive take on luxury with attitude.


Brand focuses is on the idea of being free, being human, being multi-ethnic and cultured. It boasts bold designs for all types of people, never before seen colorways.


Made for originals, by originals.

Famous wearers of Penguin:
Matt Damon


Seraphin, is a sophisticated neoclassical collection, modernizes vintage eyewear with contemporary interpretations of iconic designs.



Bold, colorful, contemporary.

Famous wearers of OGI:
Rosie O’Donnell



ONE FRAME – ONE TREE, Modo has donated and planted a tree for every frame sold. So far, they planted over 1.4 million trees!

BUY A FRAME – HELP A CHILD SEE: The BUY A FRAME – HELP A CHILD SEE program works to provide the early detection and intervention necessary for children in need to look clearly toward a brighter future.

Ray Ban

Ever since they first appeared in the 1930s, Ray-Ban has been a true American icon

Things you didn’t know about Ray-Ban: 

  • Tom Cruise’s movies have single handedly raised Ray-Ban sales over 40 percent. Twice.
  • Getting caught with counterfeit Ray-Bans is a class B felony.
  • The UAE authorities recently busted a Chinese optics company with around 143,700 fake pairs of shades.


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